• Image of DEPOSIT payment for custom graduation quilt, college dorm quilt, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt....
  • Image of DEPOSIT payment for custom graduation quilt, college dorm quilt, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt....
  • Image of DEPOSIT payment for custom graduation quilt, college dorm quilt, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt....
  • Image of DEPOSIT payment for custom graduation quilt, college dorm quilt, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt....
  • Image of DEPOSIT payment for custom graduation quilt, college dorm quilt, memory quilt, t-shirt quilt....

Graduation gift. Are you ready to get rid of those t-shirts your children have worn during high school and don't wear anymore but you can't part with? Have a custom memory quilt made with them.

You will be cleaning and making memories at the same time.

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Comments from memory quilt customers:
"Beautiful work, can't wait for you to do my son's graduation quilt"
"Beautiful, I just love it"
"Lisa, the quilt looks great! I love the design and craftsmanship!! Thank you for all your hard work!"
"Stunning, I have more for you to make for me"
"It arrived! It is just beautiful! Mom loved it. Said it was too pretty to use. I told her it was meant to be used. Thanks so much for everything!"

Please email me to discuss your ideas. In our first email I will let you know what my current turn around time is based on the orders I have waiting. Once I begin your quilt it can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on size.

This listing is only to show what memory quilts I have made and to give you ideas for your own memory quilt. Clothing from your family is what makes your memory quilt; t-shirts, sports jerseys, flannel shirts, jeans and baby clothes all make great memories.

Since my quilts are reversible while sewing the front together I am thinking about a complimentary back design. That idea is then sent to you for approval.

This listing price is a DEPOSIT towards the final price of your quilt.

Please keep in mind the number of shirts needed are based on adult size “t-shirts”:
lap quilt - - 45" x 60" - - 15-20 shirts - - $325
"nose to toes" nap quilt - - 55” x 65” - - 20-25 shirts - - $375
twin quilt - - 70” x 85” - - 25-35 shirts - - $600
twin XL quilt - - 70” x 90” - - 35-45 shirts - - $645
Full size - - 75” x 90” - - 45-55 shirts - - $695
Queen size - - 90” x 108” - - 55-65 shirts - - $895

* * * * FREE SHIPPING, Insured, Priority 1-3 day to US addresses * * * * To other addresses will be added to final payment once quilt is finished.

These above sizes are based on somewhat standard quilt sizes. Your quilt size is determined more by how many garments you want included and the lay out.

The price includes all fabric needed to frame the t-shirt, iron-on stabilizer needed to prevent knit fabrics from stretching, batting and whole cloth fabric for the back. I will send you photos of a selection of fabrics for framing your t-shirts that will coordinate and/or compliment the colors of your shirts, sports team or school team. I also send photos of fabrics selections for the back of your quilt.

Laundry instructions:: machine wash on the delicate cycle, and tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry complete for the first several washes. This allows for the pre-shrunk t-shirts and the new fabric and batting to adjust to further shrinking to decrease the chance of twisting and distorting.

NOTE:: All of the quilts I make are reversible. Fabric for the back is chosen to coordinate with the colors on the front. Or if you like the favorite color of the recipient.
- - Whole cloth coordinated print for the back which is included in the initial cost.
- - A pieced block back please add $25 - $50 to the above cost, based on size of finished quilt.
- - For the star back please add $50 or more to the cost. Star size/cost depends on size of the quilt.

* * * * *

I have had some interesting requests for custom quilts and to keep your quilt the best quality as possible and to decrease the labor intensive/cost here is some information you need to consider.

NOTE:: Items that can possibly be included but are more labor intensive which results in increase cost are::
- - jersey shirts polyester and/or polyester/lycra
- - jersey or tank top shirts in general since they will have to be pieced to center the design.
- - t-shirts, jerseys with piping or raised trim
- - shirts with button plackets where the buttons have to be removed, placket sewn shut
- - shirts or sweatshirts with zippers that you want removed and the front sewn together to keep the integrity of the design
- - no t-shirts will be included on the back of the quilt because this causes stretching and poor stitching
- - baby, toddler, childrens clothing can be included but will increase the time needed to stabilize and frame each and every tiny piece. For example a nap size quilt using adult "t-shirts" takes anywhere from 20+ shirts. To make the same size quilt using baby, toddler or childrens clothing takes 45+ articles of clothing, almost double the amount so you understand the price will increase accordingly as it takes a lot more time.

Items of clothing that are not suitable for quilts::
- - t-shirts with a heavy rubberized logo or design because this gums up my machine and creates a perforation line that will over time and use tear
- - NO glitter or sequins as these gum up my machine and create horrible stitching
- - no fabric painted or puff painted clothing as this gums up the sewing and quilting machines
- - appliqued patches since they are stitched on a heavy canvas and have an adhesive backing
- - heavy trimmed or piping on jerseys in particular
- - please don't send inappropriate or offensive t-shirts/clothing as I have the right to refuse to work with these

Please make sure all of your articles of clothing have recently been washed and are smoke free, pet hair free and in general clean. I also don't want to handle clothing that has been stored in mothballs because every time I iron the seams the heat/steam intensifies the offensive smells.

This whole process may seem complicated and overwhelming for you, but for me it is an every day thing. I ask you questions and based your replies I work on creating your memories.

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