I have always had a simple dream...........

...of sewing for a living.

I am an award winning, published and featured on TV maker of quilts.

Recently several of my quilts were featured on TV. Check out some of my quilts that were part of a segment of Manufacturing Marvels that featured Gammill Quilting that was aired on TV on 5/13/16. The first white/brights star pattern is not mine, all the others are quilts I've made.


My grandmother, Lena, made quilts that have traveled the world. My mother, Sarah, made my clothes and instilled the love for sewing in me at an early age. I've been sewing since I was a kid, starting with doll clothes, then moving on to my own clothes. For my 8th grade graduation I gave my mother very specific instructions of what I wanted in my graduation dress, she then turned to me and said, "well then, do it yourself"................ and I did. Thus began my love of fabrics and sewing, I bought my first new sewing machine while I was still in high school and began sewing for others. I got more into home decor and crafts after I got married and set up my own home because it was more fulfilling, and less expensive, to create my own things. While my children were young I stayed at home and started a sewing business where I sewed custom items for several interior designers and a couple of local shops.

After having my job in healthcare eliminated in August 2014 I was "gifted", yes gifted a Gammill Longarm quilter. Great Therapy.

You know the saying "Whoever dies with the most fabric wins", well I don't want to win. Now I craft my favorite items to share with others.........Enjoy!!