• Image of kaleidoscope nap quilt - 60" x 45"
  • Image of kaleidoscope nap quilt - 60" x 45"
  • Image of kaleidoscope nap quilt - 60" x 45"
  • Image of kaleidoscope nap quilt - 60" x 45"
  • Image of kaleidoscope nap quilt - 60" x 45"

echo quilt #41

My kaleidoscope/ farmhouse/homespun collection includes recycled, vintage and even antique remnants from fabrics that I have found while thrifting whether it be from actual yardage of fabrics or from a shirt, blouse, skirt or curtains made with interesting fabrics that caught my eye; remnants from past projects that I’ve made for my own family and home and even some new materials that I just couldn’t pass up. These quilts will not have any particular color or pattern preference simply because they hold true to the old saying “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”………..enjoy.

Design -
Front :: pieced with the kaleidoscope pattern using scraps of homespun cottons, cotton/poly blends, recycled, remnants from past projects. This particular quilt has black fabrics used as the center line giving more of a stained glass look and makes the colors pop.

Back:: pieced larger blocks of fabric. This makes the quilt reversible, like having two quilts in one. This particular quilt has blocks of black/ blue/white plaid, two different green/black,white plaids.
Quilting :: is done in a straight line, vertical and horizontal design with black thread so the stitching will blend well with the plaids on black

Binding :: double layered pieced cotton homespun fabrics have been machine stitched on the front and back.

Batting :: 80/20 cotton/poly batting has been used.

Interest fact about quilts what starts out as one measurement quickly changes as a quilt goes thru the process of creation - -

Approximate measurements::
Pieced measured 67" x 50"
quilted measured 63" x 48"
washed/dried 60" x 45"

This "shrinkage" shows that the quilted is done rather closely as it draws up the materials. Then when machine washed/dried those lovely cottons tighten up even more giving you that cozy quilted effect that will cover you and your family in comfort.

Those summer picnics would taste even better spread out on this quilt.

It will be machine washed and dried to get that wonderful quilted effect.

I make these kaleidoscope quilts as my scraps start to pile up and don't want to throw them out. It is the most time consuming design I do but when put together makes the most beautiful design.

This quilt is shipped 1st class insured to US addresses. If being shipped international I ship the least expensive postage, since I am not able to insure international packages once it leaves my local post office you and your postal service become responsible for it's safe delivery. I have not had a problem yet with any of my international shipments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
From my farmhouse to yours……….well not exactly a farmhouse but I do have a dog, a cat and chickens on my 3 acres out in the country, so I can imagine that I’m in “my farmhouse”. This nap size (60"x 45") quilt will comfortably cover you from shoulder to toes while napping in the hammock, porch swing or under a shade tree.

I have a photo hanging in my sewing room of my Grandma Lena hand quilting a quilt in her farmhouse and sometimes I do imagine living my life in her era while I am machine piecing and machine quilting my quilts. I hope that my attention to detail comes home to you with the quilt so that you can enjoy your own “farmhouse” where ever you happen to call home.

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